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“Sourcing and processing a total of 815 million
stems per year in Kenya, UK, China and Germany”


The Finlays group is now one of the largest growers producing over 450 million stems per annum for the UK and continental European markets. The Group sources and processes a total of 725 million stems in Kenya, South Africa, UK and Germany.

Finlays is one of the world’s largest producers and packers of Fairtrade flowers. Flowers are a fundamental part of the Finlays’ portfolio and the group of companies that make up the division reflect all the stages of the growing and service delivery process.

From propagation of plant material and production on hydroponics (growing plants in sand, gravel or liquid with added nutrients but no soil), to post-harvest treatment, preparation of complex packed-at-source bouquets, and then cold-chain transport from farm gate to international airports, this process concludes with delivery to markets worldwide.

Our involvement in every stage of this process is essential in order to guarantee the quality, consistency, reliability and competitiveness that we believe our customers deserve and expect from us.